As described on the previous page, the "History of Flower Essences in the West," flower essences have been used classically to help correct mental and emotional imbalances, and this then has an impact on the physical body.  They are catalysts for awareness and change, providing insight and support.  On an energetic level, flower essences also help repair and restore flow to blocked energy channels in the body, thus resulting in improved health and well-being.  People often experience a sense of release and relaxation in the beginning stages of using flower essences.  They can help to shift moods and emotional states which are not deeply embedded in one's character rather quickly.  For deep issues and wounds which have been incorporated into one's character over time, typically one month of flower essence therapy is recommended for each year that a problem has been in existence.  The essences work gently, slowly, and deeply.   The image of "peeling an onion" is often used to describe the healing process in flower essence therapy:  one layer is healed and reveals a deeper layer to be addressed next.  The ultimate goal for adults in flower essence therapy is awareness and empowerment to grow and develop. 

Flower essences help us become aware of the negative thought and/or behavior patterns which underlie many physical conditions and forms of emotional suffering.  Once aware of these patterns, we are empowered to make the necessary changes.  Correcting the thought patterns, behaviors, stresses, and conflicts which are often the root causes of disease results in improved health.  Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski of Flower Essence Society (FES) speak of the law of the union of opposites in flower essence therapy.  As we grow, we become aware of both the ways in which we are contributing to our disease--our own behaviors and feelings from the past which help to create our own suffering--as well as the new direction we would like to move in and the qualities we would like to cultivate in ourselves.  We feel the tension between these two poles.  Flower essences help us to become aware of this tension and to move toward health through choice and being empowered by the positive "virtues" which the essences impart, spoken of so eloquently by Dr. Bach.   Metaphorically speaking, we plant the seed of the desired "flower virtue" and cultivate it through taking the essences and working with intention, awareness, and choice!  In her helpful and informative book, The Art and Technique of Using Flower Essences, Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer of Desert Alchemy notes that many people have found flower essences helpful in the following areas: 

    *for recognizing and understanding what they are feeling
     *for processing painful emotions
     *for clarity about what they are experiencing in life
     *for all kinds of relationship challenges
     *for understanding their life purpose
     *for unlocking creativity
     *for dealing with the stress and demands of life
     *for finding spiritual awareness in the mundane events of life
     *in the recovery of past and present traumas
     *for enhancing awareness of the cause of physical symptoms
     *to help in a crisis situation, or to heal the effects of a past one
     *for support during transformational experiences
     *for assisting self-development and personal growth
     *for helping in the transitions of life
     *for finding self-empowerment, self-love, and self-esteem
     *for having an attitude of gratitude
     *for just having a great day

(from The Art & Technique of Using Flower Essences, © 2002 Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer.  Reprinted here with permission of the author).

Below is a specific and brief list of some common mental and emotional issues or challenging situations for which  flower essence therapy may be helpful:

Emotional Imbalance 
Emotional Pain 
Feeling "stuck" (inabililty to move forward)
Lack of forgiveness 
Inability to make decisions
Lack of clarity in thinking
Lack of ability to concentrate
Lack of confidence
Learning disabilities
Memory problems 
Menopause issues 
Negative thoughts
Oversensitivity (emotionally and to the environment)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pregnancy and birthing
Serious physical illness 

Flower essences are most commonly sold individually (one bottle containing the essence of one flower).  However, many companies are putting together combinations of essences which generically address various problems.  These combinations are not specifically suited to an individual, rather they address the various spectra which a particular issue may require.  The Aum Himalaya company in India, developed by two allopathic doctors, has produced a very large assortment of essence blends to address problems on all levels:  mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  Just reviewing their list will give one a comprehensive appreciation of the possible issues which may be treated with flower essence therapy. Click here to see a complete listing of the Aum Himalaya essence combinations which I have available for use in blends. 

A few producers of essences today are finding direct physical correlations for flower essences and are doing a great deal of research in this area.  However, it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of how essences work, which is described on the next page, before exploring their physical uses.  Click here to continue or, if you prefer first to read testimonials about mental/emotional healing using essences, click here

First photo:  Tiger Lily helps balance overly aggressive or hostile forces in the personality.   It is also helpful for women who are going through menopause (courtesy of FES).

Second photo:  The sunflower is related to individuality.   It helps one find  a healthy sense of  "I" which works from its own center and possesses its own authority (courtesy of Steve Johnson, Alaskan Flower Essence Project).

Third photo:  Red Suva Frangipani helps those who are going through a rocky period in a relationship or its ending, or the death of a loved one (courtesy of Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences).

Fourth photo:  Arnica is helpful for states of shock or trauma, for animal rescue, and for use prior to surgery (courtesy of FES).

Fifth photo:  Illawarra Flame Tree helps those who feel a tremendous amount of rejection, including self-reflection (courtesy of Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences).

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